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Jet Set Heritage Collage

The JET SET Legacy

Iconic Skiwear Since 1969

Our legacy dates back to 1969 when JET SET was founded in St. Moritz. In a glamorous time, where the elite jetted from one destination to another, constantly seeking extravagance and fun, our founder Kurt Ulmer captured the zeitgeist perfectly.

Back in the day, Kurt Ulmer found ski clothing to be boring and lacking aesthetics. Kurt himself was a fashion-forward personality, often seen wearing tight French jeans amidst the Engadin mountains. His vision was to bring fashion and style to the slopes with extravagant patterns, vibrant colors, and body-hugging cuts. However, as a quality-driven person born within the mountains, functionality and performance were also important to him. For that reason, he decided to create his own label called JET SET.

Followed by groundbreaking success that resulted in the rise of the luxury skiwear market and expansion into beachwear as well as streetwear. Even today, the authentic lifestyle that has always driven our trendsetting approach can still be felt.

Turning a lifestyle into fashion

The bold patterns, prints, colors, and fabrics that kicked off the triumph of JET SET 50 years ago are now iconic. Today, they are worn with confidence, by open-minded people who dedicate themselves to an unapologetic way of living. JET SET has become much more than just a brand, it carries glamorous aspirations and never shies away from breaking the rules. That made us the first ones to bring a hint of sexiness to the slopes. The flattering fits of our ski pants and jackets are to this day the foundation of our trademark designs.

Pioneering in functional luxury

The drive to rewrite the status quo also led us to blend our fashion-forward approach with highly functional sports attire. We constantly introduced new materials and advanced in technical fabrics, going as far as using recycled parachutes in our collections. Nowadays, we combine the expertise and craftsmanship of decades in the business with the one-of-a-kind JET SET look. This approach led us to staying ever-present on the slopes and beaches around the world. We even helped shape the athletic influences in streetwear that are as present as ever in contemporary fashion. Now we set out to conquer the future and one thing is for sure: This is just the beginning for JET SET.

The best is yet to come

From the glorious days in St. Moritz to continuously rewriting the rules of trendsetting, we have always drawn strength from our heritage. After more than five decades, the fun, the glamour, and the opulence of our skiwear are as profound as ever. Our ski pants and jackets unite the timelessness of signature designs with the desire to reimagine ourselves. A fresh era of extravagance has just started, always carrying the strong hint of the iconic core the brand was originally built on.