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Jet Set Heritage Collage


Our legacy dates back to 1969 when JET SET was founded in St. Moritz. In a glamorous time, where the elite jetted from one destination to another, constantly seeking extravagance and fun, our founder Kurt Ulmer captured the zeitgeist perfectly.

Back in the day, Kurt Ulmer found ski clothing to be boring and lacking aesthetics. Kurt himself was a fashion-forward personality, often seen wearing tight French jeans amidst the Engadin mountains. His vision was to bring fashion and style to the slopes with extravagant patterns, vibrant colors, and body-hugging cuts. However, as a quality-driven person born within the mountains, functionality and performance were also important to him. For that reason, he decided to create his own label called JET SET.

Followed by groundbreaking success that resulted in the rise of the luxury skiwear market and expansion into beachwear as well as streetwear. Even today, the authentic lifestyle that has always driven our trendsetting approach can still be felt.