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BOLD, UNAPOLOGETIC and OPEN-MINDED - just a few terms that connect JET SET with it´s Creative Director Michael Michalsky. JET SET and Michalsky seem to be a lucky coincidence but if you look closer you realize, it is destiny through and through. 




That´s were Michalsky fell in love with sportswear. JET SET was his first inspiration and it now is more than just a job. This makes the position for Michalsky at JET SET even more exciting because there is so much heritage and history which is still incredibly relevant and can be brought back to life. Especially the archives of Jet Set gave Michalsky a great indication of how versatile and innovative Jet Set really was.
„JET SET was more than a brand. It was a lifestyle. An attitude that inspired me so much. And now its time for me to give something back!“

Michalsky’s vision is not to revive an old brand. It is more like taking the relevant ethos of Jet Set and transforming it into something modern and prevailing - the Michalsky way.


„Being luxurious and at the same time casual and sporty – all modern brands still try to reach, what JET SET naturally had in its DNA from day one.“


„Being luxurious and at the same time casual and sporty – all modern brands still try to reach, what JET SET naturally had in its DNA from day one.“

JET SET was always an outstanding translator of street style. And the street is, where everything happens. It´s where the circle of inspiration takes place. Musicians and artists get inspired by expressive people. They start creating different thoughts, different art and music. And when you feel different, you start dressing different to express yourself and so on.

In the early JET SET era pioneers such as Andy Warhol, David Bowie and the whole Studio54 crowd drew the inspiration – nowadays it’s the consent consumer who is fearless in expression of style and who seeks a modern, adaptable, technical wardrobe to suit the multiplicity of needs of contemporary life. Even though the luxury market is now more democratized, the notion of sourcing inspiration from ‚the streets‘ and unique sub-cultures remains the same.


The focus on quality and innovation applies till today and is always paired with regards to the long history and heritage. This notion matched with Michalsky’s intuitional and emotional approach to design pave the way for timeless pieces which will withhold the test of time and become wardrobe staples loved and adored across generations.


„For me JET SET is not only a job. It´s part of my circle of inspiration. And I love it.“